Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Committed to Public Health & Safety

Health and safety is an important part of the former Tidewater facility remediation project as we work to address the environmental impacts at the site and improve the environment. Health and safety programs are comprised of careful planning, good communication, and effective monitoring of the execution of the health and safety plans.

Remediation work will be performed by qualified contractors that are appropriately trained and monitored. It will be performed in accordance with applicable regulations. Health and Safety Plans were developed for each investigation and remediation activity performed to date. Contractors are required to have employee training and medical monitoring programs, and are evaluated based on their compliance with established health and safety plans.

Public safety will be monitored under oversight from the Rhode Island Department of Environment Management (RIDEM) using a RIDEM-approved air monitoring strategy and a traffic-control plan. The Narragansett Electric Company anticipates that the air monitoring program will include air monitoring at the construction/remediation site and also between remediation activities and the nearby community.

Any odors will be controlled to the extent practicable by limiting the size of the area disturbed, by using foam and other engineered controls to limit potential odors, and by stopping work if necessary. The traffic control plan will be used to manage traffic in and around the remediation activity, including trucks traveling to and from the site. This program will include route planning for trucks and other vehicles, and coordination with local authorities, agencies, and the surrounding community on transportation safety issues. This program is designed as part of the Remedial Action Work Plan.

Our Commitment
The Narragansett Electric Company is committed to protecting the public and its employees’ health and safety as it continues¬†remediation efforts at historic MGP sites.