Regulatory Process

Regulatory Process

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) usually requires the following steps in the investigation and remediation of a former MGP site:

  • Site Investigation Report (SIR), includes Remedial Alternative Evaluation
  • Short-Term Response Actions
  • Program Letter/Remedial Decision Letter
  • Remedial Action Work Plan
  • Remedial Construction
  • Remedial Action Completion Report

Following numerous Site Investigations undertaken primarily between 1996 and 2010, a January 2011 Site Investigation Data Report (SIDR) and a July 2011 Remedial Alternative Evaluation (RAE) Report served to complete the Site Investigation Report (SIR) required by RIDEM.  As requested by members of the public, National Grid prepared a draft Public Involvement Plan (PIP). A notification letter dated November 26th, 2012 was sent to the mailing list regarding the availability of the draft Public Involvement Plan (PIP) for the Tidewater Environmental Project.  A public meeting was held on January 29, 2013 to discuss public comments to the PIP. The PIP was finalized with public input in October 2013. National Grid anticipates that the next step will be receipt of a Program Letter from RIDEM indicating that the site has been adequately assessed, and notification to the public that the Site Investigation is complete and that RIDEM concurs with the recommended remedial alternative. Following the notification and public comment period, RIDEM will issue a Remedial Decision Letter formally stating that the Site Investigation is deemed complete and the remedy selection is acceptable. Upon receipt of the Remedial Decision Letter, National Grid will begin preparation of the Remedial Action Work Plan (RAWP).  

Public Involvement Plan

National Grid has finalized the Public Involvement Plan (PIP) for the Tidewater site. The complete final PIP was submitted to RIDEM on October 16, 2013. Click here to view the final Public Involvement Plan.